Did episode remove the lipstick prop?


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How do i do that? @Jeremy

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Just checked and sad to say this is what I found

I can’t find it

You can’t use the lipstick prop in your story/stories since it’s a hidden prop (you will not find it in the props section if you try looking it up since it’s hidden).

But how do i find it? @JemU776 @Jeremy

What do you mean?

It will not appear in props and you will not be able to find it at all if you search there because it is hidden.

I believe the prop is called Lipstick however due to the fact that hidden assets aren’t allowed to be used in episode stories, you are not allowed to use it. A list of hidden props were available on the PROPS: how to use them but was removed due to the fact that the prop cannot be used in stories. This is the rule that Episode has set. Hope this makes sense :black_heart:

That’s weird, cause I still could use it when I published yesterday :smiley:

Ofc, if you code it into your script, the lipstick prop will appear for you in your story on the app but since it’s considered a hidden prop and Episode says we can’t use hidden assets (like backgrounds) you are not allowed to use it in your stories.

Ahhhhhh, I didn’t get this part, sorry :zipper_mouth_face: that makes sense now… how annoying :roll_eyes:

Yeah, it is annoying, like Alex mentioned we have a lipstick applying animation but no prop for it that we can use without getting in trouble :joy:

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So you can’t use it at all? Ughh this suck

Yep, it does :pensive: But on the bright side, u can upload a lipstick overlay that’s free for commercial use and put it in ur story :blush:

No…My friend published a story recently and she had the lipstick prop