Did EPISODE reviewed your story?

Hi - regarding the new guidelines episode offered to review stories. I have sent my request on 11.9. so pretty soon after the new rules…but I have no feedback on the story till now and the deadline is I believe 10.10, for making all necessary changes…so there is not that much time anymore…so I wonder …am I the only one forgotten by episode or they did underestimate the number of reviews request and have now problem to deliver the feedback in a decent time range?

Is there somebody who requested a review from the episode later than me and has already the feedback from them?

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I requested my stories to be reviewed on the 28th September and got an email two days later saying they don’t have a estimated time for them to be reviewed but will contact me if I need to change anything. I haven’t heard anything since but since I submitted my stories later than most I’m not expecting anything until another week at least.

I think there will be a lot of stories to be reviewed, so sit tight and hopefully you’ll get your response soon :wink:


Judging by what I’ve seen it seems as if they’re just now getting to the stories that were submitted the first day or two after the change. I’m going to guess it’ll be another week or so before more people find out. I still haven’t heard back on mine personally.

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I’m also still waiting. And I got a few days ago the same kinda email that LillyR said


Yeah I got the same email - just more than 20 days seems to me lot…I was hoping that requesting early will ensure me feedback till the deadline. :smiley: It was naive idea as it seems.

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I don’t know this for a fact but I’m fairly sure they’re not as far behind as it seems. It’s only hard to tell because they’re not saying “you’re fine” to people who don’t need to change things. However I’ve seen quite a few people be told what needs to change already who didn’t submit their stories on the very first day.


They have gotten a lot(I think I was one of the first to send mine in. I was on of the first to read it at least). I thnk they start with the popular ones. you know the ones you see on the app and the the others after

So it might mean mine story was already reviewed and is OK and thay just do not let me know?
LOL that I was definitly not expecting. :smiley:

This makes it so much harder, if story is fine they should let us know as some of us are worried :sob:

But I think they’re reviewing

  1. Featured Stories
  2. Contest shelf winners
  3. Top (100?) from each category
  4. Stories submitted for review

this is just what i think i do not know. i submitted mine on Sept 11, a day after Sept 10 when the post on guidelines were announced; it is almost oct 10 so im kinda worried but i need to be patient :grimacing:

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It might be. Liz said on the FAQ topics this:

So hopefully by the weekend we’ll have a better understanding


Oh thanks I havent seen this topic (was not much on the forom lately).
Guess this is the answer on m question. :smiley:


Hello Lovely,
I sent mine off originally on the 09/09 then they asked again for some more information like the link etc I gave this to them and they got back to 12/09 saying they cannot give a timeframe as due to the heavy request for reviews. I asked them this exact question and they said that I didn’t need them to review my story to make changes, when I said I didn’t understand all the guidelines and some of them my not be 100% clear to me and that If I had got something wrong somewhere it would be reported and taken down.
they said back, they will be in touch if my story needs any changes and it was added to the queue. so mine hasn’t been reviewed yet either. I`m getting really worried as well. :grimacing:

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