Did Glitch Girl stop giving you guys gems?


I read the first three chapters of Glitch Girl and I remember getting gems and there was a blue “E” and the cover before. Now there is no “E” and it stopped giving me gems.


This is happening for me too. I’m not sure if Glitch Girl is still an official story if they’ve dropped the E, but this would explain it. It’s a shame it’s one of the best stories they’ve featured lately. :wink:


Maybe that is it, it is not an official story and that is why they do not give out gems. Can @Liz or one Episode admins, confirm this one way or the other?


Oh weird. It’s still in my “What’s Hot on Episode” shelf, but you’re right, the E is gone and it no longer says “Earn Gems”. I’m pretty sure when I read it (on Wednesday) I got gems, but now the E has gone.


I too, don’t get gems from Glitch Girl and the E is gone and I was confused, did Joseph Evans do something?


So you mean that… you’re experiencing a glitch ? :no_mouth:

I can’t believe I just said that oh my god


lmfao you’re the best :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


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I thought it was only me, but i guess i was wrong.:upside_down_face:


Hi all, its not a glitch. Glitch Girl no longer gives gems. Sorry for the confusion!


Oh, Ok. Thanks for the clarification!

@ryan/@jeremy plz close this thread.


But, why?