Did Jermy quit 😱


Ok so I havent seen jermy in a long time and I saw that he is no longer on group mondertares so Im just wodering if hes gone or quited


Nope. I just chatted with him a few minutes ago.


Lol no he hasn’t. He was chatting on t or d 2 and had been archiving topics recently. He’s busy so yh.


That was Ryan, and he is no longer moderator as he replaced Ryan and Sydney replaced Jeremy.


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No one replaced Jeremy. He has always been an Admin and still is one :wink:


Haha there you go @epy.raven he’s still here


Oh I was crying cause Ryan gone now you


It’s almost as though I can still hear his voice… :cry:







brain malfunction


Hey btw… someone thought I was you by glance of my pfp @Jeremy it made me laugh so hard…