Did Limelight change their Male avatars?

(Not sure where to post this, so I’ll post it here)

Hey guys! I wanted to know if it was just me, or did Episode change their Limelight males? Because my main male character looks different, and I didn’t change him at all :frowning:

Change it back episode! I miss my old character

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Where is the difference??

if you look back and forth really fart, you’ll see a difference, but you can’t figure out what it is… I think the character’s features are smaller? Something is different.

Nothing. What the heck?!

NO, his skin is lighter. I think…


it’s the screenshots. They are two different sizes, @GiGi_is_Me

I think his nose may be longer! I’m not a fan

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Yeah, I think so.

It doesn’t look like the nose is any size bigger or smaller…

Um…you can go to the previewer and go to a button called “Direction Helper” and then spot him smaller.

The thing is, he looks different in all the scenes! I have lots of screenshots from before to prove it

What does that have to do with anything??

I honestly, see no difference.

i thought you were talking about His size and not the screen shots.


His head is a tad shorter, nose, I think his facial features and head are smaller a teeny bit than before.

Maybe the face shape? :thinking: Hard to tell

Now I see. Eyes further apart, nose smaller & longer, and mouth higher/ head shorter.


For some reason the slight changes make the character look a bit older :thinking:

Same! I was previewing my stories and my male character looked completely different. I noticed it instantly! I was NOT just seeings things.

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