Did my story get deleted?

I’ve been working on this one story for the past two months. I’m on chapter 2, and I decided to start working on another story. After I started on a new one, I can’t go back and find my other one. Did it get deleted???

Can I send a pick of what u see

I press to manage my stories and this is the only one that comes up. I found it on the mobile app, but not on this.

On the side go all the way down where is says My Stories and look for your title in it then click it


THANK YOU SO MUCH I WAS HAVING A PANIC ATTACK <333 I was seriously about to flick my laptop out the window.


Lmao plz don’t :joy:

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I was about to tell you but i guess Queen_k beat me to it lol

I legit thought mine was deleted too, when I started a new story until I scrolled down the ‘my stories’ list and saw it there :joy::joy:

At least you were smart enough to check that :laughing:

:joy::joy: it took me about half an hour to check that lol

I’ve been looking for a savior, not anymore. I found you!

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Resolved, thanks all! Topic closed. :peace_symbol: