Did teachers trust you at school?

Were you trusted by teachers at school or were you the one they always picked on for any little thing that was wrong?

So this memory randomly popped into my head :joy: when I was at school I was a well behaved student and was hardly ever in trouble and because of that the teachers trusted me quite a lot.

One time we went to London to see Billy Elliot the stage musical… which btw is amazing!!! I was about 15… I think

So when we got their we were paired up for hotel rooms, I was put with this girl who I was friends with… I think they paired us up because although we didn’t hang out they knew we were friends and that I would look after her as she got picked on quite a lot. So anyway we went to see Billy Elliot and I was almost at the front so the view was amazing.
We got back to the hotel and of course being teenagers most of us were quite rowdy, so being one of the older students I kept telling people to calm down as it was late and there were others who have paid a lot of money to stay here. Before going to our rooms the teachers made it quite clear they would be checking on all students to make sure everyone was behaving themselves.
So once we were settled in the room I played a couple of card games with my friend, which she thought we would get in trouble for… it was only 10pm :joy: so I told her it would be fine.

Then 2 of the teachers knocked on my door and when I opened it they looked shocked and said “Oh Emma, we’ so sorry. If we had known this was your room we wouldn’t have disturbed you have a good night.” :joy::joy: I couldn’t make my mind up wether I felt awkward in the way they wouldn’t have knocked if they knew it was me or flattered that they trusted me so much.

The next morning we were waiting in the Lobby and once we were gathered the teacher turned to the receptionist and said “Has everyone been ok” The woman at reception smiled and said that we had then pointed to me and said “You can leave her here, she’s been lovely, very polite and making sure everyone else was behaving themselves.” Everyone looked at me and at that moment I wanted the ground to swallow me up… if anyone needed a reason to beat me up this would be it :joy:

So yeah majority of the teachers when I was at school really liked me and trusted me a lot.

How about you guys did/do your teachers trust you or are you the one they watch out for :joy:


They trusted me.


Omg…I went to see Billy Elliot in London when I was 15 with my school :frowning:

And kinda? They never really had a reason not to trust me. For some reason I was never really liked by my teachers? I guess they just tolerated me.


Mostly the teachers trust me. I’m more of a Math student.
High School is really different, I just don’t know how to explain that.
Ever since teachers and other kids found out I was a trouble-making student or the kid with mental problems. They all were like “nO wAy tHis CaNt bE aFiA”. It’s annoying.
Other than the trouble-making, I’m still the diligent student now. I just have a lot in my head.

I got this one memory:

Back in 4th grade (currently a Sophomore), people called me a calculator since I could solve math in one second. Other kids wanted me to tutor them and all.
Since I have a pretty neat handwriting, my math teacher gave me 4 jobs: librarian, giving detentions, writing on the board, and tutoring.


Omg thats so weird :joy: think I went in 2010 but thats proper mad. I remember a student from somewhere else came up to me with a very thick London accent and said “You’re not from here are you.” I told her that I wasn’t but when I told her where I was actually from she hadn’t a clue where I was talking about.


Thats pretty awesome I did and still do suck at maths :joy: my cousin has to use this maths website for her homework, I try my best to help her with it but I was told by her mum “you shouldn’t help them :roll_eyes:” I said that I would work with her and compare answers :joy: sometimes I helped her other times she helped me


That’s good that you guys help each other! :pleading_face:
Ahh, the “you shouldn’t help them” it sucks but I get why they say it.

Over here, there are mostly kids who use their own friend for only homework and were not willing to pay them back. I was one of the victims, but then my insides raged me, so I did things my way. My school is not it.


They trusted me, I became friends with them, they respect me and I respect them, I help them and they helped me, they have my trust and I have theirs.


When I was in high school, I always obey my teachers, I love them, I don’t get in trouble, I sit in class to eat, work, and talk to them. I always help if a teacher struggles with something, etc.


I hated when people asked for help but never help back. To be fair I wasn’t technically helping her :joy: I think her mother was just being awkward to be honest as I was always allowed to have help at home as long as they weren’t doing it for me. Plus she was getting upset because she just didn’t understand it! I couldn’t let her cry :frowning: it was actually a particular topic that I was alright on so now when she has math homework (obviously not at the moment.) she waits for the weekend gives me an evil smile and says “I have math homework” :joy:

I think it’s cool how they trust you to help others to be honest I was quite shy so I wouldn’t have the guts to do it.

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I love that! I alway say you respect them and they respect you. I was hardly in trouble just the odd detention for either being late or not doing homework which was rare so didn’t happen a lot

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Oof, I have Dyscalculia

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I have dyslexia :slight_smile:

I’ve never understood why they make these “learning difficulties” or whatever people call them :joy: so hard to spell! The English language is a pain with words that sound the same but are spelt differently or past and present tense etc

Lol. I’m the opposite of Dyslexic

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Is Dyscalculia to do with mathematics?
I have heard of it but wasn’t 100% sure

Yep. I still have to count on my fingers sometimes. In fourth grade, I still had trouble with 2+2. That’s how bad it was.

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Same!! It’s honestly very stupid. My sister has been used to do her best friend’s test and other assignments, and she specifically said that she would do her assignments for payback, but never did anyways. She kept spamming her, asking her if it’s done. I got really mad.

The awkwardness, though, killed me! :joy: It’s good that you have fairness!! :slight_smile: Aww, you really are an amazing person for being this nice to her! :pleading_face: Omg, she loves to torture you with her math homework! :joy:

It was back then (like 6 years ago). Now, most people are very independent. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I’m very shy. The people here aren’t so nice, and there are people who are so mean to my friends.

I’d have panic attacks in math…

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I was still working on my 2 times tables in year 6 so I would have been 10.

I have trouble remembering sequences so when I started work and we had coded doors and I had to make up a story to remember them :joy: for example (not a real code) for
9801 I used to say 9 ate tea (80) once (1)
Or another time were were playing a game were you had to remember a sequence which was (real sequence)
Elephant, grape, ice cream, fork so to remember it I said the elephant ate grape ice cream with a fork it’s weird but it worked :joy:

Do your teachers know that?