Did the app remove advertising?


Hey guys. I was just wondering if the app has removed advertising before watching an Episode story? Ive been reading 3 episodes in a story, and I havent noticed any advertising, like before. I mean, the two videos you see before getting to read an episode. Thank you for answering! :slight_smile:


They haven’t been removed- sometimes from time to time, my app just doesn’t show me ads at all and then out of the blue it’ll go back to showing me ads again so I think it just has something to do with the app itself. Enjoy it being ad free for now XD


Ah, I see. I usually pay to get rid of the ads, though, and of course to read more! :wink: Thats why I was wondering, Im not used to that without paying for it. Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish lol sometimes I found I can read about 5 chapters without ads then bam I get about 5 ads at once


What? 5 ads? Holy. That`s unlucky! :open_mouth:


I swear it’s revenge for reading 5 chapters ad free lol


Haha, probably! But still though… What do you do then? Just wait or do something else? I never watch the ads, so I just look at my computer or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just watch tv


For me, I don’t get ads anymore (please don’t jinx me) they just try to load and the game is like lmao nope, and I go straight to the story.


I don’t seem to get ads for the first 3 episodes and then I get two before each episode starting from episode 4.


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