Did they remove the blue plaid shirt on INK male characters?

i used to use this shirt for my male INK characters, now i can’t find it? some of my outfits still have it, but it just shows up as “error” and the display of my character never loads and shows up. is this just a bug? or did they remove this clothing?

Was it the. Dark Blue Plaid with suspenders? @nikkiC.writes

no its not with suspenders, its the open plaid shirt

I don’t remember ever seeing it…the only one I remember is the one I showed u

I know which one you mean, and yes I think they did! I just went looking for it now and the outfits I know I had saved it to also have an error! As if ink doesn’t struggle enough with its assets compared to limelight, now they’re being removed :rage:
Try submitting a support ticket, that’s what I’m going to do


its so insane. like ink clothes are scarce enough as it is (ESPECIALLY male ink clothes). i hope this is just a glitch.

I seriously hope that they won’t start taking ink’s items away, because me and many other authors still write in ink; its features are already limited enough, and we can’t afford to have items being removed, because it’ll cause chaos


i agree. i have two unfinished stories in ink, i’d hate to discontinue them all because episode won’t get it together regarding ink clothes