Did you dream and what was it about

Bit of a weird thread but does anyone else think it’s strange how dreams exist, like we subconsciously make a mini type movie that we think sometimes is real and can see and hear. I do anyway ha ha ha, so what was the last dream you had?

Some of my dreams I’ve actually made into episode ideas :joy: such as unfolded with a scar and finding Emily. and then some are just strange for example I woke up about an hour ago after having this dream (not a nice dream but mot a nightmare.)

It was a young girl who I think was supposed to represent me when I was younger (didn’t look like me.) going out clubbing and her brothers (I presume represented my brothers.) were coming with me to keep me safe. Somehow we ended up going to an outdoor party where someone tried to put something in my drink, my brother came over to stop me drinking and got punched and gets knocked out, my other brother then falls to the ground and is having a mild seizure where he was shaking but not violently due to the stress. This woman comes over and points out that he is having a seizure and call an ambulance. By the time the ambulance arrives both my brothers had woken up again, the one who was having a seizure had become child like as if he was a young child, my other brother had become confused and mistook me for his girlfriend. I was then informed that the one who was confused should get better after a few days, while the other would not get better and would have to be looked after like a child again.

So yeah a weird dream that doesn’t make much sense none of these people looked recognisable but it was as if they were my brothers even though they were 10 years younger in this dream (I do have 2 brothers) and it was like the girl was me but 10 years younger. Neither of them have epilepsy ir a history of seizures. But I do, I have mild epilepsy but I don’t have “fits” and I am awake, aware of them. But I used to have a rare form of epilepsy which was quite severe and could have caused a long list of disabilities.

So again what did you last dream of and have you ever thought it would make a good episode


A weird one…

A really weird one…

This was long ago but for some reason, I wanted to go to a party with my brother so we were walking there and then some monster appeared out of nowhere and we started running and I hid in a bush and then he finally left so then we got to the party and there were a bunch of people there and for some reason, I went downstairs and some girl asked me if I wanted rice Krispy treats so I said yeah and her dad gave me some and we just all sat there eating rice Krispy treats and it ended

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I also have another 1 from when I was like 8. So basically we were driving home from school and we weren’t driving the right way (idk) then when we were at a red light I got up and forced the bus driver to get out the bus and he did and I went in the back of the bus and I was just flinging everybody out the bus and my arms grew super long lol. So then my siblings were the only ones on the bus with me and I started driving to the dollar tree. When we got there we started stealing stuff and the store clerks didn’t even say anything so we walked out with a bunch of stuff. Then I started driving home and for some reason my dad and his friend were floating in mid air talking and drinking water and then I came crashing through the porch and fence and everything was destroyed and they just sat there drinking their water and then it ended lol

Oh and one more So it was in my school and a bunch of people were walking to health class but when we opened the door to the class it was like a Candyland so we turned to go back but the door disappeared so we kept walking straight and somehow we got these hiking sticks so thenwe finally reached a door but there were these two giant candy guards standing at the door and they wouldn’t let us in and y=then we somehow go powers and we started fighting them and we won,s o we got in the door and the ice queen was sitting in her throne and we were in like some theater made of ice and it was really dark so we all sat down and watched the play but then the spotlight shone on some of the kids so they went up there and performed some of the kids but then when they were done the ice queen would kidnap them so then the spotlight shone on me and I got up there and started yelling about how evil she was and stuff and she challenged me to a fight, so we started fighting and I didn’t win so I told everyone to run and we started running and eventually we got back to the school and I still needed to save my classmates but it ended

Then I had a second dream a continuation I tried to go back to the school but for some reason, I was walking on this highway and the whole highway started crumbling and some lady in a blue car was screaming for me to help her and I tried to but her car fell into an ocean and everyone’s cars were falling and then the whole earth started falling and crumbling and I looked at this cliff with a waterfall and saw like a capybara standing on it trapped so I ran over to the waterfall to save it and I held it, but then the whole cliff came crashing down and I started falling with the capybara in my hand and as I was falling I could see buildings and cities falling

So then I fell into the ocean and teleported back to the health classroom and I still needed to save my classmates so I told everyone to stay and when I got past Candyland to the ice queen she told me she had destroyed the world and her soldiers were going to build a new one. So obviously I told her no and she needed to give my friends back, I got this ice staff and she got into a fighting position, I was about to defeat the ice queen but sadly it ended and I’ve never had that dream again. I really wanted to know what happened and defeat the ice queen so I could save my friends but yeah that’s my story


I only have one thing to say here, I can control my dreams :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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@crisspykreemee your dreams sound awesome I especially love the candy land one but now I really wanna know what happened to your friends and if you managed to save them :frowning: but I guess we’ll never know

@Minimayday I’ve heard this before I think it’s called luicd dreams (maybe wrong) but whats it like, can you actually control what you are doing?

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Yeah, so if I don’t like the dream basically I just think of something else and then it’s like I direct it :joy:

I’ll add more detail on this :joy:

Unfolded with a scar: so obviously I’ve had to add some details to this to make it into an episode (working on it) but basically in my dream I was a detective and was called to investigate a murder, the victim was a fashion designer but as I was looking at the body I saw a scar on her hip and was like “omg this is actually (insert spoiler name) but shes been dead 2 years.” And I’ve built on the dream to make a story.

Finding Emily:
So it was as if I was watching it (aren’t all dreams like that :joy:) there twins a brother and a sister they were upset , the brother turns to the sister and says “I’ll look after you no matter what” but then it fast forwards to a few years later and the sister has been kidnapped and the brother is trying to find her.
Obviously I’ve had to add quite a bit in to make a story out of it

That is awesome

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So I love dreams! But as a kid (occasionally even now), I used to have night terrors, very extreme nightmares. From family dying or being killed myself, but the worst one was when my friend and I were fighting in the dream. And he abruptly left youth group (where we were at) after the fight and as he walked outside, he got hit by a car. I ran beside him, I was screaming and crying. I woke up from that dream with a sore throat, eyes red, and a damp pillowcase from tears and sweat. That dream used to be reoccurring, but it stopped occurring whenever me and him stopped being friends.

I have had many other dreams besides nightmares, these dreams are the reasons I love dreams! Like the other night I had a dream that on my birthday, my best friend/crush gave me a kiss in the rain :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hate nightmares, I’ve had spooky dreams which I thought was cool eg a haunted house but when it comes to something personal like me or my friends being hurt or worse It’s horrible especially when I can’t wake up despite subconsciously knowing it’s a dream and wanting to wake up.

I had a dream where this boy I loved (for 10 years… maybe more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) asked me out and then kissed me… this is the night after I asked him out but got turned down in real life :frowning:

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Yea, I can’t lucid dream or wake up from any of them… It really sucks. And those are the dreams that almost become so familiar as if they were memories.

And that is so dang cute that YOU asked him out, but he is awful that he turned you down! It takes girls major balls to ask a guy out, like idk if I could do that with the boy I like (inner me can’t admit to myself I love him :joy: :roll_eyes:), but props to you!!!

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Worst thing about it is I had a crush on him since I was 5 :joy: like seriously I remember clear as day meeting him in nursery and growing up telling my mum (bare in mind I was very young.) that I was going to marry him. We were very close friends and I still fancied him all the way through primary school (up to age 10) we got separated when going to high school as we went different school and I found him on Facebook again when I was 15, we started talking and eventually I asked him out… as you know he turned me down but we still spoke and then after a bit he stopped coming online. 10 years later (now) I’ve never heard from him again.

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That is so sad :(( I’m really sorry that happened. That is crazy too, I don’t think I’ve ever had a crush for more than a few years! Like the guy I like now, I’ve known him forever, but we only became great friends like last year :joy: But, he became the sweetest boy I know and my best friend. He is literally a human form of a golden retriever!

Yep. I always kept dreaming my crush and 2 of my fav celebrities… :thinking:

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