Did you hear about this at all?

So, I am from Chicago, so I get daily news. My mom came across this, and I learned about this whole story couple months ago…

2 Girls from Indiana were killed by a mysterious man. They released some new evidence about this situation. And letting you know, this case hasn’t been solved for 2 years. Here is the New Report -> https://wgntv.com/2019/04/22/mother-of-murdered-delphi-teen-cautiously-hopeful-ahead-of-police-news-conference/


OMG how tragic :fearful:, I have not heard anything about it :flushed:but I hope they take the guy who has done that :pensive: i don’t know how people kill other people, don’t they have any feelings at all?
people who kill others aren’t people.

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i remember being in Indiana, and we went on the trail of where the two girls were killed. I was anxious the entire time.


omg that is just terrible :pensive:

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Wow, that’s horrible! I heard nothing about that before now! Makes me kinda scared to go hiking honestly…
@Nency_episode it doesn’t have anything to do with feelings, there could be a lot of different things that would make people want to murder other people. Besides, he could be a psychopath and actually not really have feelings…

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People are devil. That’s why I don’t like them.

People suck, I’ve never heard about this but it’s a tragedy.

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