Did you know that I can sight read music note

I actually do sight read music note since I was 10 years old but I would like to know if you want me to create a music journey. A big book of Disney songs over 60 songs.

This time it going to be very different than others.
Peace :peace_symbol: love and hugs :hugs:.

What song should I play next?

  • Someday my prince will come
  • One song
  • Baby mine
  • Alice in wonderland.

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Do baby mine from dumbo next.




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If you have any Song you want me to play please comment below if you haven’t already :sunglasses:

I don’t mind any song would do?:pleading_face:


@Sydney_H @Jeremy closed this thread since people flag threat is basically overrated.

you can’t close a thread unless you’re the original poster & since you’re not, you can’t request for it to be closed.

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She was suspended from episode forum but she has a Instagram 2 and she may post some story that may need some more work to them

Oh? What’s her insta?

AutumnGreen40 and she was on last night.
Although I don’t have a Instagram account.

@annabellecomehome, so how would you know? since you know, you have no way of communicating with her.


autumn green’s coming back this week, it’s not a big deal. please contain yourself. whenever someone literally utters autumn green’s name a new account is always created to defend her. don’t you find that quite odd? because i do. please stop the charade. i think the majority of the forums who know about the autumn green drama know that you’re autumn green. making so many alternate accounts will you get you suspended. you may not want to admit it but if you don’t, you still won’t get far. best to fess up now.

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AutumnGreen40 and I was chat on message on here then she didn’t text I know something was wrong then I check her profile and I saw it was suspended but why wouldn’t people do such a terrible thing?