Did you read A Bullying Story?

Did you read my book call A Bullying Story? If you did tell me what you think about it?

Make sure you tell your friends to read my A Bullying Story. Happy Thursday :grin::wink:

(By the way A Bullying Story 2 secret exposed is hold on for the moment I can get a laptop of my own.)

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Tell your friends to read A Bullying Story and it so close to 1,000 readers. :grin:

Also since some schools and colleges are going to start. Remember bullying is never right. I was Bullying hard in high school but age of 19 I do have thyroid disease but none of my friends know about that. By the way I used to needle when they checked my blood.

Although I do check social media to find out what my old friends are doing. But I know friends betrayed friends. You can never trust then.

Good luck to everyone who wants started school. :four_leaf_clover: