Diffenent country

Asking because I plan on making a story where the MC lives in the Netherlands (because I know more about the netherlands school system and I feel like there aren’t any stories set inside of the netherlands) but what do you guys think ? do you like stories inside of a different country???


I like that, it’s a nice change from the usual setting and it shows originality!

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do as you want. it is your story

Oeeh. Dat lijkt mij leuk. Ik zie ook geen stories die plaats vinden in Nederland🙃

I love stories based in another country! Because in my opinion they’re almost always based in America.

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hehe inderdaad xxx wel jammer dat er zo weinig zijn xx moet alleen ff wat dingen zoeken die echt nederlands zijn. bijvoorbeeld leuke bitterballen overlays enzo voort xx

I know ! or italy but they never show the school system ! that’s why this seemed so much fun to me xx

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Yes agreed! I’m excited for your story!

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That sounds great! Though, the school system stuff are usually really unrealistic (I’m not American, but I live in the world) I think people mostly write about American school life like the things you see in movies, that’s so fresh, I like it!

Leuk idee!:wink:

Dat vind ik dan weer minder, vooral omdat dan alleen die kant van Nederland wordt laten zien en dus een heel andere indruk van Nederland geeft…

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