Difference between @ and &?

What’s the difference between the


and the



you use @ to have a character do something like-
@CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in 2
@CHARACTER is arms_crossed

But when you write it like this
&CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in 2
@CHARACTER is arms_crossed

The action walking and arms_crossed will happen with each other as in the character will walk to spot xyz while doing the animation arms_crossed

Hope this makes some sense…


I’ll reference back to an old post of mine for this.

The difference between & and @ is basically time
@ has it, while & doesn’t.
& will tell the SE automatically continue into the next line in the script without any pause, no matter what comes after, dialouge or animation or a written pause. This means that when you tell a character to walk somewhere or do something, ex an animation by using the & sign you needs to add a pause for how long you want the SE to stop reading your script



“@” is used to make a command happen
“&” is used when you want a command to happen simultaneously while other commands are happening.

“@“ = the next command will not happen until the current command has finished

@CHAR1 is laugh_giggle
@CHAR2 is cheer_loop
  • CHAR1 will laugh first, then CHAR2 will cheer

“&” = the next command will happen while the current command is happening.

&CHAR1 is laugh_giggle
@CHAR2 is cheer_loop

  • CHAR1 will laugh at the same time CHAR2 is cheering

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More about having pause when using &, I guess, with half of it missing in the quote…
Dara’s explenation’s much better.

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