Difference between edited and hand drawn?

What is the difference between “edited” artwork and “hand drawn” artwork?

An edited artwork usually is something made with overlays of the character(s), cut from different images to make something else, like another position for example


Ohhh okay thank you so much!

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In art language, edited means that you didn’t started out from 0, there’s something behind the result. An image, maybe more, and you just added details and stuff above it. Like, changed the hair color or added an object by picking it in another image, cutting it and pasting it on the one you’re editing.
When it’s “drawn”, it means you started with a blank background and everything that appears on the image was created by you without any “help” or “cut” from another support. Just like when you decide to draw on real paper!
I hope it’s clearer now :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much that helped A LOT!!

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