Difference between "is", "starts" and "does it while"?

Hey guys! :shushing_face: I have a really small question, but I can’t find the answer on here…

What is the difference between “is”, “starts” and “does it while”? It seems like nobody has a good and compact answer. I’m just wondering because everything is used for the same, isn’t it?

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I’m not entirely sure how to explain “is” :joy: I’m sorry if I make it even more confusing.
So “is” sets your character’s assigned animation.
@MALADROIT is sing_fail_embarrassed

The “starts” command acts like the “&” but mostly used for the “@” command.
@MALADROIT starts sing_fail_embarrassed
Works the same as:
&MALADROIT is sing_failed_embarrassed

I’ve mostly used and seen the “does it while” command used for your character doing an action while walking around the scene.
@MALADROIT walks to spot 0.40 210 230 in 3.0 AND MALADROIT does it while walk_worried_loop


Check out this thread: Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For


Thank you! You really helped me out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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