Difference between live previewer and app

While checking my unpublished story, I noticed strange differences in app and writer’s portal live previewer.

On live previewer speechbubble is placed well (checking with device helper), but the same speechbubble fells off screen when reading in app.
The speechbubble is set to certain position in script and is not places randomly. Same position is in app and on writer’s portal, it only floats off in app.

Same I noticed with zooms.

What’s going on? And which to trust? App or live previewer?


There’s a discussion on this: Dont You Hate It When It Happens


live previewer. I hate the app preview.

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but it is the app version other people get to read so would trust that one

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hm true.

I’m going to need to go over my stories and edit them grr (I actually have noticed some differences and almost cried), I only test it on the Writer’s Portal and but there are indeed some differences on the app and since people read the app, maybe it’s best to go in the direction of what the app says :thinking:

I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch; both the web previewer and app should give us the same results, honestly.

P.S I dislike having to edit so many times :confounded:


serious :woman_facepalming:t3:

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this happened since I first started episode, everything was perfect, and now, what the heck is happening with mobile?

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I think there must have been some updates, since I made a scene yesterday, checked it in web review, and it looked okay (or it’s a glitch, dunno). But today, it was not okay anymore, I saw the same result both in app and on web. It would be cool if they synchronized the two review surfaces. I don’t like to switch devices all the time. I check the outcome almost after every new line added. xD
Oh, and if I observed it well, I experience these differences usually when I use spot directing.

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is the team going to check this out?

It would be super helpful if any of you seeing this issue could send in support tickets with screenshots as well as the story ID for whichever stories you are seeing this in. Once we have that info we can take a look and see what might be going on.



Link for the help ticket for anyone who needs it! :smiley: