Difference Between love and crush

We are generally always confused between love and crush … But we didn’t know what it is:confused:
Today I would like to share my views about love and crush

Love: It is two sided . Both the people share the same feeling for each other. Love is not an attraction but a blind feeling which we don’t judge on physical appearance or his/her wealth or anything. Even we can’t describe what exactly it is… The moments we share together are unique and unforgettable…

Crush: The feeling which is one sided. Just someone is attracted towards him/her… most of crush is felt because of physical appearance and popularity of the person. Sometimes we are not steady on one person we keep on changing our mind. Sometimes we forget everything we did with the one and call it our past.

Please tell your views about love and crush…
Hoped you enjoyed reading this…


Not necessarily that crush is one sided

And not necessarily love is two sided

I half agree

According to me Love Between Two ppl is something like 80% trust and loyalty and 20% affection and liking

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Idk to me love is when you’re like so into that person it doesn’t even have to be romantic with someone else. I mean like just someone in your life that you care so much about and their well being and heck want in your life for a very long time. And y’all go through your ups and downs but you still love them and want what’s best.

A crush is when you’re just really into someone on a level and wanna get to know them more and get close to them ya know?

I don’t agree.

  1. Love can be one sided
  2. A crush can be mutual
  3. A crush can be more than physical appearance, it can also be chemistry, shared interests and personality. (And more)
  4. The actual difference between love and crush (romantically speaking) is the stability. Although a crush can last a long time, getting over an actual feeling of love (even if its one sided) is one of the hardest things there is. It’s much more intense and much more meaningful.

I honeslty would not define love as oyu do.

First of all love is not only romantic, there canbe love to child to sibling to friend or to animals.

Yu can deeply love for example tigers and dedicate whole life to saving them and thay will never love you back.

Ad that is for me definition of love love is simply a state and love doesnt expect to get anything back for it.

I mean would moher stop loving her child just because the child is teenaged who started to hate her parens …oh kid you dont love me now cool I do not love you too because it is not boths sides.your mom…when you on this example realise how horibel it actuly is to demand love back onc you lvoe it makes it clear that if you waht something back it is not love.

Therefore love in my openion cant be under contion it is boths sides, can be ot not it stll can be love.

i personally disagree. both can be mutual, both can be one sided.

love is when you trust someone. love is when they do little things that they think people don’t see but you do. if it’s mutual then you will have genuine chemistry. you can tell them something & you know they won’t abuse that information in any possible way. when you don’t have second thoughts about it. you will stay with them if things turn shitty (unless they’re toxic) because no matter how bad things turn out, it’ll be worth it. it’s when you don’t even have to do anything fun, just watch a show, eat, sleep, & it will be better with them.

but i also think liking someone & having a crush is different. not by much, but still.

liking someone is in the middle of love & a crush. it’s when you’ve gotten to know them better, but not enough to trust them completely. you may still have second thoughts, & they’re may be butterflies or whatever you’d like to call them. you’ll want to get to know them, though. you don’t have to date though, maybe it’s still one sided, but something about them makes you want to stay.

a crush is the lowest form of romantic feelings. it can happen as soon as you meet someone. it honestly might even be solely based on looks. you hardly know them & most likely don’t care enough to go out of your way for their benefit. you might get nervous in front of them, but nothing is that intriguing enough for you to stay.

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Very well explained!!




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