Difference between Romance and Drama


Hi everybody!
I was reading some topics and a question came up to my mind: what’s the real difference between romantic and drama?
Before posting, I opened the app and I looked through these two sections and I found some stories which, in my opinion, can be both drama and romance.

I’m writing a story and I always though about it like a romance story… But now I’m not so sure. It’s about love but there’s also some drama. I’m very confused right now :thinking:

I would love to know what makes a story a dramatic one or a romantic one to you!


I have to add: my story is not about bad boys, pregnancy, gang leader, nerd… It’s just a story about a normal girl (no shy/nerd/mean) and her romantic life. It’s inspired by something that really happened to me, so it’s realistic!


My opinion is that more than one love interest is a drama, and one love interest is a romance.


If your story is more focused on the relationship, then I would classify it as a romance.
If it’s more focused on the non-romantic dramatic events, then it’s a drama.
Like, Episode’s Pitch Perfect story has a lot of romance in it, but I consider it more of a drama since its main focus is the other events happening in the story (I know it’s also a comedy).

A lot of Episode’s user stories would probably fall under the category of a ‘romantic drama’ though, since they’re mostly made up of romantic dramatic events… so really they could be classified as either. If that’s true of your story, then it’s up to you.


Romance i think is the story is really focus on the relationship any more then one love interest is a drama. With the story I’m doing I thought it be romance but the more I write the more it’s like a drama/comedy as romance is apart of it but isn’t the main focus.


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