Difference between update story and reset story progres

Can someone explain that to me.


When you reset your story progress, you go all the way back to the beginning of chapter 1. When you update your script, I think you start from where you left off but with the new changes.

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Resetting story progress means your character’s appearance and outfit go back to default if there have been any changes to them and you lose any flags or character points you may have picked up from testing choices. It gives you a blank slate, as though you haven’t tested it before.
Update story just means you’re previewing the episode again with any changes you’ve made to the script since you last previewed it.

so if i understand you my readers will lost everyting too with a reset story progres.

Not at all! It’s only for the previewer and doesn’t affect your readers at all, just like how “update story” in the previewer doesn’t actually update the live/published version of your story in the app.

thanks x

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