Difference in previews on app and writers portal

So I’ve notices that there a lot of difference between the preview in writers portal and on the app. Which one is correct preview?

(IN APP) I had a song playing in my 2nd last scene in episode 1 and in the last scene there’s no music, but when I play episode 2, the song is there from the 2nd last scene. That’s an example. I also see layer differences, etc.

So which preview is correct? App or writers portal?

Varies :laughing: preview is best for overlays and music. App is best for choices, flags etc. My app has been extremely glitchy recently so I’m relying on the preview at the moment lol. After the music command did you put music off?
Sometimes if you skip from a scene that plays music and jump to another episode or scene that has no command to turn music off, it will keep playing.

I also feel like preview is most trustworthy at this point. So i should rely on preview instead of app?

Well what you see in the app is what the reader’s will see? (Or vice versa, I haven’t tested that yet.) So if you can find out which way it works, then you’ll know what’s more trustworthy.

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