Different Body Types For Characters

I’ve been on Episode for a while now, and although the newly added cultural clothing and hair styles which tend to include many people, I couldn’t help but notice that there have been no changes to include different body types. Episode characters in Classic, Limelight as well as Ink have only one body type for each gender which just so happens to be the “ideal body type for men and women”. I believe that if there were more body types in Episode, it would not only give more variety to characters, but create the feeling of acceptance for people in the Episode community who may be heavier set. I know many will disagree, or some may even agree with me, but it’s my opinion.


Hi! There’s already a request for this feature here! Feel free to support your suggestion there.

Also the title of your thread doesn’t follow the guidelines for feature requests. Please review those before creating any future suggestion threads. Thanks! :slight_smile: