Different choice ideas?

Hey yall I’m writing my first story for the College days contest.

Being new to writing I’m not really sure what choice to let the reader make.
Of course I did the basic dressing game, but I would like for my reader to make another choice in the first episode.

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It would completely depend on your plot.
Do you want choices to impact your story? Are you planning on having multiple endings?
Would you like choices to impact relationships in the story? You could use the point system?
You could also have choices that determine how the MC reacts to certain situations?

Joseph Evans on yt is a great author to watch for newbies

Yes he has been heaven sent lol!

I don’t think I’m going to have multiple endings. Not sure yet I have about three episodes planned out so far. It’s going to have some twist and dramatic points.

Here’s some helpful threads to spice up your directing/coding skills in your story:

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I hope all these help resources and good luck in the contest ^^

P.S When it comes to choices, according to the Episode guides:

You should include choices that matter, as well as basic ones ^^

However, at the end of the day, it’s your story and you must do what you love otherwise you won’t enjoy writing it :smile:

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Also, here’s more helpful advice from the Episode Guides when it comes to choices:

YOU CAN DO IT! :facepunch: :sparkling_heart:


Maybe relationship points then? Or reactions?
Since it’s a contest entry, take a look at the rubric score sheet. There’s a section on choices so you’d want to aim for a high score there (since that’s an easy section to get a high score on).

If you want some extra coding help, particularly with choices (and remembering choices), feel free to DM me :slight_smile: I’m pretty good with that stuff.

Follow up question. How do you end a story like with the art and following your IG page. Also if there a code for a button or something to let the reader know its the end of the story?

You add these things on your story setting. You just click of More Options and there’s a section where you can add your insta. Then Episode automatically codes the invite for your readers to follow you.
Above that is a drop down menu where you can let your readers know if the story will continue or if more episodes will come out.

Thank You!!