Different music isn't playing between scenes

Honestly, I don’t know how many topics I’ve created regarding sound help in my story BUTTTTTT… In my story, I’m having a sound play before a scene ends. However, in the scene after that, the scene starts with a new music track, but the music track won’t play (just silence). I think it’s because of the sound (but the sound plays just fine, it’s just the music in the scene right after that won’t play)… I tried using the command:

sound (whatever)

&pause for 0.1

sound off


music (blablabla)

But the music (in this case, named blablabla) won’t play… :sob:

what did the error say?

There wasn’t an error; the script accepts it (for some odd reason) The sound will play correctly, but then, as the episode progresses into the next scene, the music won’t play. It’s just silent.

weird, probably a glitch.

Most likely. I input some new coding and it now works. Thanks for attempting to help me! :blush:

np. :blush:

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