Different outfits for every character?

I thought I’d ask this question to get some opinions since I’ve only been able to find one other thread about this.

Should every recurring character in the story have different outfits to wear each episode? One the one hand it’s obviously more realistic, but I dread the idea because I have a wide cast of characters and making up to two new outfits for each of them every single episode on top of the outfit choices for the MC seems so tedious. I also put a lot of thought into their default outfits to make sure each matches their personality well. (This isn’t including special scenes with parties or costumes and stuff, they do have different outfits then.)

So what do you do? Do you think different outfits should always be used for important characters?


Personally, I make new outfits for every character every episode, even my background characters. I make them when I’m having writers block or just dont want to code., so i dont feel like its taking up my coding time but im still getting smth done. I hate looking at the same outfits every episode its just something that bugs me. I dont find it takes all that long to make new outfits either, i usually end up having to make 20+ for each new episode.


I feel you about making new outfits for every episode. It’s just A LOT.
I think for main characters we should switch it up (I mean, dressing games are a big part of Episode stories anyways) but I don’t think a dressing game is needed for every episode tbh. I like picking outfits for parties and stuff cuz my choice feels special.
And for 2nd tier main characters, like friends and family, we could have like 3 outfits that we cycle through and then some special outfits if needed. For background characters I honestly reuse them/ create new ones and let Episode randomize them for me.

Personally though, when I read a story I don’t mind repeating outfits. It’s like in cartoons when the characters dress the same everyday so I’m used to it. The fun is in the story.

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For my main characters and characters that are close or related to the mc and LI, I make over 15-20 outfits for each and if I’m ever in a position where I need a specific outfit, I simply just make it then and there.

For my background characters or characters that are just to make the story look realistic, I make 2-3 outfits for each or even 1 according to the scene that character will be in.

Hope this helps! :two_hearts:

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Having just a few to cycle between seems much more doable, I think I’ll try that! I agree with you about repeating outfits in stories, It’s honestly something I don’t even notice unless I actively look for it. Ty! :heart:

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Personally, I read a story once, a pretty popular and one that I enjoyed. But one thing I disliked about the story was that the writer never changed the outfits of the close related characters that appeared in every episode unless it was an event. IMO characters that are close the MC such as bestfriends, LI and maybe a parent if they are in every episode, should have an outfit change, it keeps the story interesting and it’s harder to read into a characters personality. :slight_smile:

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No, I don’t do it unless I need to for a specific scene. I read many stories with little outfit changes that were amazing because I was more focused on the plot and choices rather than the clothes.

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though in addition to that, the outfits don’t have to be all completely different and never repeated, 3 or 4 should be enough, I doubt the reader if focussed too much on whether an outfit has been repeated, I actually think this makes it more realisitc, people don’t wear something once and throw it away right?

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That’s true! I like the idea of making around three for each central character aside from the mc. Thanks for commenting!

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