Different Search Options



I have been using this app for a couple years and have read quite a few stories, 200+, and I was thinking the other day… why are there not more search options to find more specific criteria for stories you want to read?
Like have a “filter” option for;
Number of episodes,
Keyword search (other than just titles),
Male or female MC,
How many reads, etc.
There are many more filters to suggest but my question is…
Why is the search so vague for 1,000’s of stories?
There are so many stories that people have probably missed because there are no “specific” filters in the search menu.

:grin: Just my thought and BIG question.


Agree, the best way I have found to find good stories that are hard to find is to check out what people put in there recommend for you to write stories on the app and the other way is just skim through the post that say read for reads for new stories I feel that episode should have a better way I totally agree but it’s the best way that I have come up with to find better stories that I like.


Exactly. Or google searching for specific stories or coming on here and reading like 20 posts to find a good one.
They definitely need to improve that aspect of the app. I mean, they have the forums… which is in of itself… a search engine… lol.
The coding wouldn’t be that difficult either.


Agree. They could easily fix this problem.


Can show support for a thread here that aims to improve the search function within the app by allowing the user to select more options: FEATURE: Improve the search function on the app


I didn’t see that post. Lol.
Awesome! The more the merrier!