Different speech bubble types!


Now, I know a lot of people already know about these, but this is for the newbies out there! :smiley:
On the Episode Writer Portal, you can change what the bubble looks like when people talk in your story. :thought_balloon:
You canโ€™t have any custom one you want, but there are 2 other types you can use other than the boring blue. :roll_eyes:
If you name your story Mean Girls the bubbles will be pink just like in the Mean Girls series! :lipstick:

Magic right? :exploding_head:
Another cool chat bubble is if you name your story Demi Lovato, it changes to the type of chat bubbles you see in the Demi Lovato Path To Fame series. :microphone:
Be careful to make sure you spell her name right! :cold_sweat:
If you do, it should look like this: image
Looks pretty cool, huh? :sunglasses:
That is all the speech bubbles you can get! :grin:
Remember that once you have named your story these, you can rename it to whatever your story is called! :wink:
I hope this helped you in some way. :blush:
If you ever need help with anything, donโ€™t be shy to ask! Iโ€™m here to help. :nerd_face:

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