Differentiating between a choice that matters and one that doesn't

Hey !
In the story I’m making, I have a choices matter/point system going on, but I was thinking of making a way the reader could know if their choice matters for a particular choice.

I thought of making choices that matter the darker coloured choice-box, but it feels hard to differentiate (slate style).
Then I thought of a readerMessage popping up to say ‘This is a choice that matters’, but that might feel too handholdy or that it would clutter the screen.

I’ve also considered just making choices only choices that matter, but I have mixed feelings about this as filler choices that don’t matter feel like a good way to break up long strings of dialogue. But maybe that’s just me.

Any thoughts? Would any of these personally annoy you?

Honestly, I think it’s more fun to not know which ones do and don’t matter - but for most people just having a splash screen that says ‘Choices Matter’ is enough to let them know that they need choose carefully.

If some choices affect dialogue but others affect the outcome, you could do a “Choose Wisely” readerMessage for the ones that affect the outcome and just let the dialogue ones stand on their own. :woman_shrugging:

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Oh, thank you! This is a great idea.
Thanks so much for your insight.

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you can also add <PREMIUM> before the choice to make it gold and divide those that matter of normal choices in generic color. I’ve seen people doing that as well if they want to be more transparent.

<PREMIUM>"Name choice" {

<PREMIUM>"Name choice" {


Thank you! This would also be nice.
Probably easier to see than the slightly darker shade textbox.

I used the darker color for choices that matter as well. I feel like the way it’s hard to differentiate would make readers actually pay attention. The gold ones work too, but I feel they look too serious. At the end of the day, it comes down to you and how you like it. I’ve also seen stories where the author used emojis to signify choices that matter.

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I’m glad to know it worked for you !!
Thanks !

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