Difficult Scenes Help Thread!

If you’re writing a story or a scene about violence or sexual assaults or harassment but aren’t sure how to write it, it’s good to gain effective feedback on how to properly write your scene!

So, here you can post your scene (s) to gain feedback, this is not a review thread or r4r, only to get help with specific ideas about violent scenes.

Feel free to PM the person (s) who you’re discussing your ideas with, if it’s more comfortable that way.

Don’t be rude please :blush:

It’s important to do these types of scenes properly!

Here you go @Hannahnevin

Thank you so much :blush:

I’ve been looking for help for my stories for almost a year, wanting to publish the first book in October- January

I did polls, discussion and hardly anybody in the community responded

I put this up last night

If it wasn’t for @lanafrazer_episode for helping me out today I would probably of given up again

I’ve given up so many times because of the lack of support and confidence I felt :cry:

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What kind of issues are you having with your stories?

If you go onto the link you’ll see what I’m talking about

I’m getting a little help just now

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