Digital Art Feedback!


This will be used as in art scene for my story;
Not to Hot (limelight) be sure to check it out.

Help me improve :blush:


Oh my god !


Its awesome I have no words !


Thank you so much!!! :heart:


No problem it truly is awesome


Oooouuu, Mommy likey.


He’s a snacc


This is for your story?




I want to read it :slight_smile:


It’s called Not to Hot (limelight)
It’s brand new!


Oh I was actually about to read when browsing some threads.


I loooooooeeee it!


These are my small cover and Large cover for my story Not to Hot. it’s pending review.


Yaaaasssss! I’m reading Not to Hot rn and can’t wait to see this in it! It awesome!


D A M N that is good!!!


I haven’t put it in yet. However there are art scenes.
It’s for an episode I’m working on rn


You should really read it. I like the jokes and everything