Digital artist - commissions (waiting list)

:sparkles: Hello there :sparkles:

Some of you already know me, so that’s why I’m posting this here.
For those who don’t yet, you’re still welcome and you can read through this too! I’m a professional digital artist and I’ve already done some commission work for Episode authors.

I’ll be on a summer break on the 28th of July and because of that I have to put my commissions in waiting list.
I have a few orders to fulfill before being able to take more during August, as I’ll keep working but in a way slower and reduced time compared to the rest of the year.
If you come to me after this date, you’ll be in waiting line so I can make sure that I finish my other commissions before getting yours done. If you’re in a hurry for some reason, you better order before the 28th!

Some really cute episode users are tagging me on art posts when somebody is looking for an artist and I’m really grateful for that! But that’s why I thought of making this post, just so you know that I’ll be getting you at slower rate for a few moments.
I wish you all a great summer, no matter where you are and I really wanted to thank you for your attention, support and orders!

Find me on Instagram to commission me!


I love the mermaids!

Also beautiful art!! :sneezing_face:


OMG ur art is so good wtf, ur so talented


Thank you very much :heart:


Thank you ! :heart:


Are you doing free art
And if not
What is the price of two characters?

Hello! As it’s my job, I’m not doing anything for free. The price depends on what is asked precisely, art style and so on. You can find examples and prices on my Instagram profile. If you don’t use it, tell me and I’ll send through message here. :relaxed:


I will see it in Instagram
And thank you for replying through :grinning::blush:

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