Digital drawing help

So I’m practicing my drawing skills on Medibang paint pro(free version) and I was wondering what brush is used to make her hair &skin life like?

Any tips thanks?

Ps: I’m a newbie don’t mind my drawing :grimacing:


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I don’t wish brush to use on this app. But, if I can, I would suggest Autodesk sketchbook it’s totally free. They have all kind of brushes. If you do decide to give it a try, let me know so I can help you get all the brushes.


Hey! I actually recently downloaded it but I still don’t get the brushes correctly :sob: Could you maybe help me? :pleading_face:

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I’ll check that out thanks!

Hey love, i would say overall good job, i would recommend you to make the eyes smaller on this one. You should just find some face reference and start by sketching the abstract forms on the face , measure everything ! Like how many times the face us the size of the nose if that makes sense and etc. More life like skin is basically practice , hope i helped if u have more questions u can dm on instagram @findmylogic

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I’m still working on my sketch this is what I got so far.

Do u have an instagram it would be easier to explain there

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Just dm you. :slight_smile:

There’s a little box next to the image of a pencil at the very top right in the app, Click in it, then select Sketchbook extras. You’ll see a lot of little image in the box that appear. Download them, they are brushes. There are pre-made clouds brushes, Rock details, Ocean and river waves, some plants and more.

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