Digital paint programs or apps?


I want to make my own cover for my episode story, it’s action and romance. What apps is there that you would recommend? Or computer programs?


IbisPaint is great and superimpose… and PicsArt… I combine the three… superimpose studio is easiest to take out the backgrounds or stuff you don’t want… :grin:


Some I suggest is Autodesk Sketchbook (free), Gimp (free I think), and Paint Tool Sai (it’s about $50)




Sumopaint dot com, it’s online which I like because I hate downloading stuff. It’s a tad intimidating for people who don’t use editing programs often though- I can show you the ropes if you’d like.


Krita (Download) - For drawing/editing
Phonto (Mobile download) - For texts


I personally prefer IbisPaint X .
It’s a totally free mobile art program and offers a wide range of tools for creating art, plus its simple and easy to use.:grinning:


Yes please!!!


I’m on it!
Okay, when you first go to press “try online”. It’ll redirect you to Scroll down to see where the magic happens.
First thing you wanna do is press the plus button in the canvas they set up for you. Here’s an overview of all the features of sumopaint:
The default thing they give you to draw with is the brush. Click on the brush drop down menu and click the circle (its three squares down and three squares to the right of the default brush) change the diameter to like 10 px and change the flow to 100%. At least, those are the settings I always use. I never actually draw anything myself when I make my own covers so you might not be using the brush, I don’t know what type of cover you’re making here.
Now, if you want to create your own cover by adding images, you can import any photo by clicking on File>Import to layer. This opens up any image you like into the canvas on a new layer (you can see all your layers on the little area set up on the right). Sumopaint only lets you have 6 layers at a time, so you can right click on a layer and click “merge layer down” to decrease the layers by fusing them together.
Also, when using the fill tool, turn up the tolerance percentage up by 10% or so to prevent little white dots appearing around whatever you’re filling

For text, just click on the T button underneath the fill tool. You can add special fx like making it glow by clicking on the FX button on the right area.


Color from Picsart is pretty simple for me at least


Procreate. It’s amazing!


MediBang and Paint ibisPaint X… Those are the apps a use…


Ahhhhhhhhh THAT IS AMAZING :smiley:


ibispaint (you can either use the full version or the free one) or procreate. both are amazing!