Digital Painter needed

Hey, I’m in need of a digital painter/artist. I’ve already made the outline… all I need is for it to be painted.
Note: Male eyes are closed.

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I can help

Can I make a few changes if needed

Yes you may

Also can I get their details and the outfit their wearing

Skin, female- olive male- light
Hair- Female- Cayenne Male- Fawn
Eyes- Female- green Male- blue

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Be right back with outfit details.

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Can I have all the details it would help me see how the characters look

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Skin, Olive
Eyebrow, seductive arch
Hair, straight, cayenne
Eye, round bold, green
Face, oval
Nose, soft natural
Lips, classic, any color of your choice.

Skin, Light
Hair, modern pompadour, fawn
Brow, Medium sharp
Eye, classic round, blue
Face, defined triangle
Nose, button
Lips, small round, blush

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