Diner background needed

I need a diner booth background that has 2 seating area paralleling. Can someone give me one?

I’m sorry to be a buzz kill but @alexa.episode does not like her backgrounds on platforms

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ah okay. I’ll just use the episode ones instead


No you can still use them, she just doesn’t like them on platforms without permission

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oh alright


Excatly ,you don’t have the right to share my backgrounds here.


@Alexa.episode I am in need of some diner backgrounds, do I have your permission to use them, of course I will give you credit :grinning:

Yes sure

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can I use them as background too? with credit surely.


2 questions @alexa.episode can I use these and if so, can I make a few overlays out of the bar? (obviously giving you credit)

Ya sure

For some reason they’ve been deleted from this thread for me? Would you mind PMing them to me? I understand if that’s too much, though. (really unsure where they went?)

Sorry girl, can’t do anything about it😅

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Thanks anyway!