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Hey everyone! I am having trouble with a scene that involves three couples sitting at a dining room table for a game. What is the best way to code this? I see a few authors using cuts to look like multiple people in one scene. If anyone is willing to help me code this, that would be absolutely wonderful

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yeah ā€œ&cut to zone #ā€ is good because u have your characters already placed at the zone in the background with overlay table with their spot numbers, facing left or right, and with whatever animation they are doing.

what background and overlay are u using?

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Iā€™m using a background that I uploaded myself. So essentially just treat it the way you normally would with other cuts?

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INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY in zone # at layer #
&cut to zone #

@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is animation

@CHARACTER 2 stands screen center AND CHARACTER 2 faces right AND CHARACTER 2 is animation

@CHARACTER 3 stands screen right AND CHARACTER 3 faces left AND CHARACTER 3 is animation

Now, when your characters are already in place, start using the spot helper, to place your characters, when u are satisfied with where they are, copy and paste your character spot code in your script, and add ā€œ&:ā€ to replace ā€œ@ā€ because yr character will automatically be at tht spot.

For your table overlay you need to make sure that your layer number is higher for it to be in front of your characters.

@overlay OVERLAY moves to layer # ( 1 - 10 )

check this thread out.

HOW TO: Place Characters Behind A Desk

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If u need more help, let me know.

Oh I will! Thank you so much!

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