Dining table overlay

Would anyone happen to have a dining table and two OL I could use pretty pleaseeee :pray: I will attempt to attach my epically drawn example, try not to be too blown away by my drawing talent :eyes: :rofl:
Web capture_21-6-2022_132624_www.episodeinteractive.com

Hopefully the pic uploads fine. Never tried to add one to a post before :sweat_smile:

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you could check on episodelife.com they have background’s and also how would you add these in like what link do you use to put them in your story?

:sweat_smile: well I think I would have to spot direct them in to the scene. So far I have only spot directed characters. I feel like overlays may be a little complex compared to spotting characters :thinking: I am pretty new to creating stories and keep losing motivation when I realise how complex it all is :sweat_smile: and thank you, I may of already checked there, I have seen so many drives and forums overlays, my sieve brain forgets where I have checked :face_holding_back_tears: :rofl:

No for real though, it’s so confusing but don’t give up. Everything is hard when you start but it gets easier I hope :crossed_fingers:
I’ve been looking for overlays and backgrounds maybe try to search on the forum or youtube ill see if i can find one for you. Thank you aswell

this kitchen has overlays already on the portal :slight_smile: you can try those

Thank you, I just end up making new outfits or random BG characters I may use when end up too overwhelmed :sweat_smile: Do you know where to spot direct from? I don’t know much but I can tell you where to find that. I have looked here for table and chairs in past posts. I also asked if anyone can tell me how to make them, but I didn’t get any suggestions on that post. I am hesitant to use any off browser images for obvious copyright reasons. For specific BGs and OLs search here and if you find anyones drives, check out their rules and terms and you could use their creations. For now I have gave up on it… now my attention is on twin paranormals newest upload on youtube :sweat_smile:

I only see two counters and one table, do you know if I would be able to place food overlays over the things already on that table? :slightly_smiling_face:

:joy: The same thing happens to me, usually I’ll make my main characters and then sit there in utter pity confused and sad because i have no clue what i am doing :sneezing_face: I go through stages one minute ill be obsessed with YouTube then Netflix then Roblox then episode it’s continuous. I just learnt what spot direct was and i already forgot.

I bought myself a note pad to write things in so I don’t forget so that helped me :slightly_smiling_face: If I don’t create characters and/or outfits I just end up on my mobile sims bulldozing my houses to let my creativity channel on that :sweat_smile: I also just write down in the script things and animations I want to say or use and what things I need to add in to make the scene better and stuff too. My notepad on this laptop also has random written parts of the stories too. I think I will have to change the background ideas again to try use what I can find. Or find someone on patreon who has like sets with backgrounds and matching overlays :thinking: :sunglasses:

yeah you could do that! If the table is good and its just the food i might be able to edit it off the table so U can add what you want?

hey would you possibly know how I import the overlays that are sent in forum chats to my story?

Thank you Willow that would be awesome. I will just use the table to match the background, that way I only gotta source some chairs facing the way I need them :slightly_smiling_face:

okay! which overlay is it specifically


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:star_struck: you are a star! Thank you so much!! :smiley: Should I use your forum name to credit you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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can you use my insta? @willow.writesss

Yeah sure not a problem :smiley:

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Yep same with me I know I can come up with something amazing I just need to find where in my brain that is.