Directing a scean


@BLAKE is kiss_dip_give_rear AND BLAKE faces left AND BLAKE stands screen right in zone 2 AND ZANDER enters from right to spot 1.343 -103 1 AND BLAKE walks to spot 1.280 -77 175 AND BLAKE is kiss_dip_give_rear

I want my characters to enter at the same time and exit at the same time, the male is carrying female on his shoulders and here is the overlay

@Apes @Dara.Amarie @JemU776

Thank you

did you try to do it?

Not yet

did you try overlay animations at all?

I can’t even try as this overlay is in JPG

Yes thank you

I mean the coding

You’ll have to convert your overlay from JPG to PNG before you can use it as an overlay and code with it. :slight_smile:

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I already have my overlay into a png😂

I was just referring to what @Apes said as she said the image was a jpg, so she was unable to help you with coding because she can’t try your overlay out.

If you upload your image as a png on here, she can save it and help you out with coding (or anyone else can, too)




Hope it works now

It does but it’s very small :thinking:

I’m not on my laptop at the moment so I can’t have a look, can you wait? Or maybe you @kw.episode can do if you not busy :thinking: :grin:

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Okay the portal is glitching out for me for some reason so I can’t code it, but I think it’ll work if you follow this guide by @Apes 🚗 HOW TO: Drive into / Drive Off the scene with Character inside and treat the arm as if it were the car in that help guide.

Place it off screen along with your characters in the position you want them to be in, and have them enter the screen in the same way. Just make sure your times and positions are lined up and you should be good to go.

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Thank you