Directing advice & tips


I’m currently writing my first story and I think I’ve got pretty good at directing so if anyone needs any help I’d be happy to answer your questions :sweat_smile:


Do you know directing commands for limelight? Because I’m writing a story using limelight and I get so confuzzled lol :slight_smile:


I’m pretty confident with limelight yeah :heart:


Okay great thank you! I’ll ask if I’ve got any questions :heart:




Hey! Do you know how to make characters remember past choices in LimeLight? I have three outfits for the reader to choose from and the choice depends on how her friends react in school. I’ve put ‘if’ for the first command then ‘elif’ then ‘else’ but its saying its wrong. Do you know what Im doing wrong? I can send screenshots if you want. :heart:


You need to name your choices:

You can name your choice anything you want. In this example I named it Outift 1 and Outift 2. If they choose Outfit 1 you write gain (name of choice). Then when she gets to school if she has gained outfit 1 her friends will react in a certain way if she chose something different (else) they will react a different way.
It’s kind of confusing feel free to ask any questions :sweat_smile:


Thanks! :heart: :grinning:


Glad I could help x


How do you,

@CARRIE is (limelight animation)
But I used an ink command?
What do I do?


I don’t understand what you are asking?


how do you make a character do a command without talking?


You would use

Just make sure it doesn’t have “talk” in it.


I just wrote that. It didn’t work for LL.


Can you screenshot your script? Include the error message.



NVM, forgot to capitalize…Author in one of my scenes…


Did you try playing the scene on your mobile device instead?


Oh okay :joy:


You can’t use ink commands for limelight they made new ones like instead of listen_nod they start with react_ try using this instead