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I just wrote that. It didn’t work for LL.

Can you screenshot your script? Include the error message.

NVM, forgot to capitalize…Author in one of my scenes…

Did you try playing the scene on your mobile device instead?

Oh okay :joy:

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You can’t use ink commands for limelight they made new ones like instead of listen_nod they start with react_ try using this instead


Hey! Me again :joy: Is it possible to make the overlay over one character but not another? eg in a coffee shop, someone be behind the counter and the other character in front? If so how?

Yes this took me a while to get the hang of but you use layers I’ll send you a screenshot example

Layer 0 is the layer closest to the back. In this example I have placed the overlay at layer 1 which is infront of layer 0- I placed the girl at layer 0 so she’ll be behind the overlay. However the boy is placed at layer 2 which is higher than layer 1 (the overlay) so he’ll be infront of the overlay. I hope this makes sense ask any questions if you need x

Ah thank you! This worked! :heart::grinning:

Np x

How do I write that thing at the top? I don’t know what its called :joy::heart:

readerMessage Your message here

Thanks! :heart:

Hey! Is there a box prop for limelight? I’ve seen it in stories but literally can’t find it :joy::heart:

Here’s the list of all the props

Ah! Thank you! :heart::grinning:

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