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Hey! Me again :joy: Is it possible to make the overlay over one character but not another? eg in a coffee shop, someone be behind the counter and the other character in front? If so how?


Yes this took me a while to get the hang of but you use layers I’ll send you a screenshot example


Layer 0 is the layer closest to the back. In this example I have placed the overlay at layer 1 which is infront of layer 0- I placed the girl at layer 0 so she’ll be behind the overlay. However the boy is placed at layer 2 which is higher than layer 1 (the overlay) so he’ll be infront of the overlay. I hope this makes sense ask any questions if you need x


Ah thank you! This worked! :heart::grinning:


Np x


How do I write that thing at the top? I don’t know what its called :joy::heart:


readerMessage Your message here


Thanks! :heart:


Hey! Is there a box prop for limelight? I’ve seen it in stories but literally can’t find it :joy::heart:


Here’s the list of all the props


Ah! Thank you! :heart::grinning: