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So I am writing an F.B.I. styled crime story and if any of you have seen shows like Criminal Minds, the beginning of the episode shows the victim running or being taken or such, and then it goes to the title and the beginning of the story. How can I effectively turn that feeling and intensity into an Episode chapter? What am I not allowed to show in Episodes?

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You mean how to make kill scene still in the guidelines?
In general you can make it just do not make it excesive to much.
There are animation like shooting gun ot stabbing with knife so obviously it is alowed to use them. Just dont make it minutes log scene with hundredtof stabbs and hectolitres of blod.

In my openion action scene look good with close zooms so it is not clear % what is going on but it gives she feeling…like zoom on girls legs running pan to mans legs rinning after her zoom on knife stsabbing zoom on face screaming atc…

The rules are:

5. Assault, Violence & Torture:

a. No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of rape / assault / murder / torture / violence / gore / etc. This includes (but is not limited to): heavy or excessive use of blood or weapons or scars, use of dead bodies or body parts
b. No depiction of torture or parental abuse on screen

so in general you can have it there but it should not be “heavy or excessive” and you should not werbally describe in detail how is the person killed - so avoid detailed narrative description of the cruelties


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