Directing and follow

Hi guys please how do I make my character enter another zone in the same size while the camera follow my character

Hi! You would do something like:
&CHAR walks to spot x y
@follow CHAR to screen centre in zone 2
(But change CHAR to ur characters name) :two_hearts:

I don’t understand you ? Like
@character walks to

here’s an example with my character :
&GIAN walks to spot 1.316 78 46 in zone 1

Will the camera follow the character?

Yea. Just do something like @follow April to screen centre in zone 2

Here is a link, they can help you more if my explanation wasn’t understandable.

Use something like

&CHARACTER1 walks to spot x y z in zone 1 in 2
@pan to zone 1 in 2 AND zoom on x y z in 2

Okay thank uu

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