Directing/coding customization help please!

If I add customization to my story and my readers customize there characters

My story is about Vampires so I need two characters for the characters that are vampires so how do I add that in the customization?

I don’t really get your question but you could do limited CC so that the readers cannot change the mouth and eye color for example :slight_smile:

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Do you mean a human and vampire version of 1 person?

Create two characters. Example:

Character 1:

Script Name: TOM

Display Name: TOM

Character 2:

Script Name: VAMPIRE

Display Name: TOM

Script name is the name used in the script while display name is the name shown to the reader. Ex.

I’m Tom.

In your script after you customize TOM, you can then write something like:

@VAMPIRE becomes TOM
@VAMPIRE changes eyesColor into Red
@VAMPIRE changes mouth into…(pick a fangs mouth shape)

In this case, VAMPIRE becomes TOM (so he gets all his features but after the becomes code you can change some things about him like his eye color and mouth shape). When using the becomes code, girls can become girls, boys can become boys but girls cannot become boys and vice versa

OR you can use the previews/unpreviews feature for 1 character. HOW TO: Use the previews and unpreviews directing command 💜 🌙

If you’re customizing a vampire, you can make a limited features template.

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I am not sure if I understand the question right.
But if your character is a vampire and is customizable you will need to offer only the lips that have vampire teeth equivalent. And if necessary you can limit some features. like only ash skin or whatever you want them to keep.

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Thank you this makes sense

Thank you❤️

Thank you girlll😘

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