Directing/Coding Help Here!


Hey there! I’m here to help everyone out with their directing/coding problems! Now, I don’t know everything but I know most things, so if you need any help just contact me by commenting below and I will get back to you ASAP! Also don’t forget to help each other if possible!

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Hi!! So I’m making my first limelight story and it’s super annoying because when i place a guy and a girl next to each other, the girl is always taller and i don’t know how to fix it because I want the guy to be taller! can you please help me?



Yeah, that’s the default height unfortunately. What people do to get the height change is use Spot Directing and Spot Walking. Here are guides on those two subjects:

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Hi, rude! I need some help! I’m animating a TV scene for my episode intro but the overlay won’t move! I’ve tried it on the web preview and in the app.

Here’s my script.



Have you tried giving the overlay a spot? I’m not very good with overlays but that could be it?



is it not too large? it seems like it’s covering a full screen



it is. It won’t resize down though






oh wait, use different background, black one seems to work strange with overlays

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Oh, really?
Alright I’ll change it and see if it does anything different (:slight_smile:



It works! thank you so much! (’:

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Great! :smiley:



Hey! I think I have finished my first episode of my story …but im not sure how to bring it to life so to speak… i have little directions in my script but I dont know how it all works just yet…

Any help would be amazing!




Well, @missg_episode, here is your helper! Whatever you need help with, just ask me anything! Here is some basic stuff:

Choices: Choices can be confusing. Also those labels and gotos can be confusing. Here is a simple outfit choice:

label outfit_monday
(Do those two tabs) YOU (talk_neutral)
(Then one tab) What should I wear today?
“Bad Girl” {
@YOU is dustoff_loop
@YOU changes into YOU_badgirl
} “Sweetheart” {
@YOU is dustoff_loop
@YOU changes into YOU_sweetheart
(two tabs) YOU (talk_think)
(one tab) Is this what I wanna wear?
“Yass Girl!” {

} “Nah.” {
goto outfit_monday
Now for choosing names:
There is a name code. Here it is:

label choose_name

input What is your first name? | What’s your first name? | DONE (NAME)

if (NAME is “”) {

You do need a name…

goto name_input

} else {

So… If you want the characters to say that other characters name, put [NAME] or whatever the code their is. (More on this in guides)

Also, customizing characters. This takes alot of beats, so find script templates on the right of your computer screen. This template also comes with the name part.

A great help to me was @Dara.Amarie. She is a coder and has many templates. In the forums, search her name then go to her thread.

I hope I helped you a bit, if you need more help, just reply to me and say so.

-Molly M.



Thank you!!

It’s all still new! I keep typing and previewing to make sure it all works :woman_facepalming:t2: I am trying to find some animations like the yelling one… not the full on scream… & getting writing inspo is proving difficult… I want to add so much to the episode like backgrounds and art edits also my Instagram for episode… I’ll finish episode 1 and pilot it to see how I go haha

Thank you!!! Any help from anyone would be amazing!
(Never done coding before)




Hey there! Sorry I’m just seeing this now…but I see that @iheartpuppies was able to help you out. My advice (though it’s cliche) is to read the directing commands and watch some YouTube videos. Or do what I did and play around with everything before continuing on writing a story. And like @iheartpuppies mentioned… @Dara.Amarie 's templates and topics are very helpful, they’ve definitely helped me a lot! And adding backgrounds/overlays that aren’t made by episode really give a good depth and commitment I find. If there is anything specific I can help you out with just PM me or ask around on this thread (like you did :smile:)!

May I ask…what style is the story you’re writing in? :thinking:
And good luck, and don’t forget to tell me when your story is out, I look forward to reading! :wink:

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Thank you! I’m still fiddling around. Only half written a chapter… I’m not sure what a good length would be line wise… my story is based around an old flame returning for my MC after leaving for college sorta thing… still undecided… I want a bit of romance… it’s called Is it Love? And I hope to have my pilot up in a few weeks… just finishing my university semester

Any help or direction would be great!!



Well, if you want some more help, I’m making a templates thread where I (and other people) will put there templates. It’s called Thread for the sharing of templates! Hope you take a look. Like @KKkk.episode6 said, feel free to pm me. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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Hey there! I’m Bukii and I have some trouble with a certain animation; run_casual. So basically, the character is running normally for like .4 seconds and then the animation is stuck while the character is still moving to the spot I want it to be. I hope I explained my problem clearly enough? :yellow_heart: I’ve really tried everything I can and I’m pretty good at directing so I don’t really get what the issue is. :,) I hope that I can get help here maybe? Thank you very much!:cupid:

  • Bukii <3
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Hey there Bukii!
Unfortunately this is a glitch that happens to everyone. The only thing you can do about it is choosing a different animation. It also happens with the animation run_cry. I’ve noticed this glitch that for some reason, episode has not fixed yet. And probably never will.

I hope this answers your question xx