Directing/coding help needed

Hey, I need help with my coding. I used the coding below in my script but when using stretch_pregnant_painful it says; Behavior stretch_pregnant_painful may not exist in all imitated body types for imitating character NORA. May display idle animation instead.

If the problem is the body type, could you tell me which type it is so I know in the future. :blush::heartpulse:

@cut to zone 2
@NORA spot 0.828 26 175 in zone 2
@pause for 0
@NORA walks to spot 0.828 138 164 in zone 2 in 5 AND NORA is walk_exhausted_loop
@pause for 0
&NORA is yawn_bored
@pause for a beat
&NORA is stretch_pregnant_painful
@zoom on 430 214 to 211% in 6

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This is a thing that lots of other authors have, including me. Even when writing in Ink! It must be a bug in the portal and we just have to hope that it will get fixed soon :purple_heart:

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Okay, thank you so much! I just thought something was wrong with my scripting or something

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