😬 Directing / coding problems 😬

I’m super disappointed, my coding feels off. I don’t know what I do wrong, but I can’t figure out how to make the changes go smoothly, I mean when I change to a new scene and I make the characters sit it first shows them as standing then boom, they are sitting, or when I “cut” to a different zone it shows zone 1 first then it quickly changes into zone 2 for example.I really hope you get what I mean lol. It stresses me out and I can’t figure out how to solve it.
Here are examples:

@transition fade out black
@cut to zone 2
@transition fade in black in 2
@zoom on 503 520 to 133% in 0

@transition fade out black
@cut to zone 3
@transition fade in black
@LEILANI spot 0.759 198 190 in zone 3
@RAVEN spot 0.840 642 146 in zone 2
@OLIVIA spot 0.766 93 212 in zone 3
@RAVEN faces right
@OLIVIA faces right
@LEILANI faces left
@LEILANI is talk_sit_legsup_neutral_loop
@RAVEN is idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop
@OLIVIA is idle_sit_neutral_loop

Do you mean to make them go at the same time?

Put it all in one command and try using the & symbol more often unless they’re walking/running

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For smooth scene transitions, you must place all characters at the beginning of the scene before the cut and transition commands, using the & sign. Here is an example of how the coding should look


&CHAR1 spot _______ and CHAR1 faces right and CHAR1 starts animation name
&CHAR2 spot _______ and CHAR2faces right and CHAR2 starts animation name
&CHAR3 spot _______ and CHAR3 faces right and CHAR3 starts animation name
&cut to zone # and zoom on _________ in 0
@transition fade in

Thank you!!

Thank you sm!!!

I just started to write, like two days ago :smiley:. so I cant help you much but I recommend you to see the videos of Joseph Evans in youtube they helped me :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Hahah, yeah I’ve seen those like 3 years ago when I started, but I stopped for a year or two and I forgot almost everything. :laughing: Maybe I should watch them again, thanks for the reminding!

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