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I am trying to write my first story. I am confused because every time I type in a command for one of my characters, it continues to tell me invalid command. The commands are copied exactly. Can anyone help ?

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Can you post the screenshot or part of your script?

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Same For Me I Try To Make A Story It Keeps Telling Me Invalid Directing Commands! It’s Annoying!


I can help you solve some of the issues if you tell me what you’re trying to do. :slight_smile: Maybe send your script? :dizzy:




This Is My Script


It looks like you made your character’s script name SYDNEY ATKINSON, not just SYDNEY. You have to type the whole script name. If you want to use the script name SYDNEY instead, you can delete SYDNEY ATKINSON and make another duplicate character, but instead name them SYDNEY. If you do not want to make another character and just keep Sydney Atkinson, then it should look like this:

@SYDNEY ATKINSON faces right

If you ARE going to make another character named Sydney, then your script should look like this:

@SYDNEY faces right

Same thing for Hugh. You must type the full script name you gave him. If you don’t want to always type out HUGH GAUNDY in your script, you can do the same thing and just delete the HUGH GAUNDY character and make an identical character named HUGH. If you are going to make a new character named HUGH, your script should look like this:

@HUGH faces right AND HUGH starts kiss_cheek_give

If you are NOT making a new character, your script should look like this:

@HUGH GAUNDY faces right AND HUGH starts kiss_cheek_give


I Am Trying It’s Annoying I Want To Review My Limelight Stories It’s Annoying!!


Hello I just stated writing an episode and I do not know how to get my characters to walk in or sit or to just move and every time I try it says WARNING under Errors. Can someone please help me


Can you show your script? :smile:


Yes I can just wait a moment

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I’m sorry I don’t know how I can show you my script I can’t


you can copy it and paste here :slight_smile:


It say I can not put in images


I’ll PM you :slight_smile:


Thank so much for trying to help me

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