Directing Contest!

So, I saw a lot of art contests and it inspired me to organise a directing contest!!!

Here are the themes!

  1. Gun shooting scene
  2. Cheerleading choreography
  3. A circus show
  4. A waltz dance of two


  1. Your spot directing clip MUST fit the theme.
  2. You must DM me your spot directing clip on instagram @Secretz_lol and tell me your forum name.
  3. You are NOT ALLOWED to use script templates unless you made it your own.
  4. You can only send me up to three different clips.
  5. The clips must be 1-2 minutes long.
  6. You can use any art style.
  7. You must hand in your clip before 30th of August 11:59 PST.
  8. If you break ANY of these rules, you will be instantly disqualified.



How do we judge:
-Each judge will judge your spot directing clip from the scale 1-10.
-The score will be summed up and the top two winners will be announced!

The winners will get a shout out on my instagram and a secret surprise!

Do let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for reading!



I’m so looking forward to reviewing haha. Hope a good number of people will participate. :blush:

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I’m looking forward to seeing the directing